Currently on my mind…

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  1. Dresses!  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I love dresses (for me and my girls).  I’m currently wanting  THIS one, THIS one and THIS one.
  2. I’m really trying hard to eat healthier throughout the week!  I want to make smarter choices (more fruit, vegetables) so that I don’t feel so bad having a treat after dinner on date night or eating a slice of pie on Sunday.  Right now I’m really enjoying oranges and tangerines, Chobani Flip yogurt (so so good!), nuts, carrots and Chipotle bowls.  Baby steps…
  3. If you’re looking for an unusual but seriously tasty treat/dessert, I dare you to try this Creamy grape salad.  It’s really yummy!!  I’m making it for Penny’s birthday party!
  4. Have you heard of the movie Room?  The movie was written by Emma Donoghue and is based off of her novel Room.  The novel was written after she heard about the Fritzl case.  Read about it HERE.  Crazy!!  Also, do you remember the kidnapping of Jaycee Dugard?  All of this is so sad yet so fascinating to me!  I can’t believe this sort of thing happens.  So scary!

Have a great week!  ❤️ Christine

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